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Updated: Jul 20, 2022

Tassel Earrings

Vibrant tassels on your beautiful earrings can add that dazzle to your casual look. Pair it with a boho necklace to complete the look. Indo western fusion in apparel can be the right match for tassel earrings and they being handmade makes them just that much more special and unique. It is also quite the in-thing of today where jewellery is being crafted out of naturally available materials, and wearing such eco-friendly jewellery not just makes a bold statement but also adds to being that much more earth-conscious in your living and style preferences.

Cherish your handmade earrings and stay fashioned.

Beautiful bracelets for women

Have you ever wondered why bracelets are popular when we have had bangles for the longest time?

Bracelets, apart from appealing to the modern woman’s accessory preferences, can be worn with almost all kinds of attire, and hence have become an essential part of one’s everyday jewellery choices. Beautiful bracelets for women have come to become such an integral part of one’s attire, and thereby hold that unique place in the fashion-loving woman’s wardrobe.

Pearl necklaces

Pearls have always been considered the epitome of subtle class. Pearl necklaces for women have come a long way from the age-old traditional designs to the more contemporary patterns. Be it the cultured or the authentic variety, pearls hold a special place in a women’s jewellery ensemble, without a doubt. New and improved craftsmanship can be seen on trending handmade pearl necklaces.

Minakari or meenakari necklace sets

Originated from Iran, Minakari or Meenakari craft has grown and conquered many areas like furniture, wall decor, and jewellery. A hand crafted minakari jewellery set, inlaid with kundan or uncut diamonds was a priced possession of the bygone eras, but is making a sure comeback for its tradition as well as its antiquity. A handmade Meenakari necklace with the right craftsmanship can be the perfect complement to a traditional attire.

Oxidised metal jewellery

Trends in the past decade has seen a surge of oxidised jewellery in the fashion circles. Be it artificial oxidised jewellery or pure silver oxidised jewellery, these necklaces, earrings, bangles, and rings have become an inevitable part of every fashion wardrobe. They are both traditional and new age in their designs, that go to suit and compliment any attire, while being inexpensive and affordable at the same time.

This type of hand casted, handmade jewellery has become more of an everyday jewellery that is worn and showcased a lot but also goes to be a trend-setter in its own niche.


It's never too late to look pretty in a jhumka or the traditional danglers. Jhumka earrings are the pretty little trinkets, every girl or woman loves to own. It is probably one of the oldest piece of jewellery that has been passed down generations, so much so that, the styles and patterns speak volumes about the age and era that they belong to.

So wear your jhumkas with pride and cherish the feeling, knowing that you might be living and sporting the style of bygone ages, that trudge back to its rich lineage and culture.


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