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Updated: May 6

Tassel Earrings

Vibrant tassels on your beautiful earrings can add a bling to your casual look. Pair it with a boho necklace to complete the look. Indo western fusion in apparel can be the right match for tassel earrings and their being handmade is a cherry on the top. Cherish your handmade earrings and stay fashioned.

Beautiful bracelets for women

Have you ever wondered why bracelets are popular when we have bangles? Bracelets emanate a sensual beauty that most women can’t resist. Beautiful bracelets for women are always going to hold some space in a fashion-loving woman’s wardrobe.

Pearl necklaces

The epitome of class is considered to be a lady wearing a sleek pearl necklace. Pearl necklaces for women have come a long way from the age-old simple looks. May it be artificial or authentic pearls hold a place in a women’s heart without failure. New and improved craftsmanship can be seen on trending handmade pearl necklaces.

Minakari or meenakari necklace sets

Originated from Iran, Minakari or meenakari craft has grown and conquered many areas like furniture, wall decor, and jewellery. Meenakari necklace creation is also one of the handicrafts that are popular among Indian divas. A handmade meenakari necklace with the right craftsmanship can turn heads.

Oxidised metal jewellery

Past decade has seen a surge of oxidised jewellery in fashion sector. May it be artificial oxidised jewellery or pure silver oxidised jewellery, these necklaces, earrings, bangles, and rings have become an inevitable part of every fashion wardrobe. The boho looks are much more appealing to the young generation keeping the oxidised jewellery in trend. This type of handcasted, handmade jewellery can make any girl look more beautiful.


It's never late to look pretty in a jhumka. Jhumka earrings are the pretty little trinkets, every girl has and loves to own.Jhumkas somehow symbolises dreams and flying high to make them true. Wear your jhumka today to cherish the dreams that you own and look prettier than before.

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