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Handmade Fashion Jewellery

Beautiful handmade fashion earrings for women

Earrings have been an inevitable part of every woman’s wardrobe for a long time. Blending art and craft to form beautiful earrings can be seen here at Clinkwagon. Latest trends in jewellery you can find here.

Curated from master artisans and jewellery makers, Clinkwagon presents beautiful handmade fashion earrings for women. Accessorize with beautiful handmade jewellery to complete the look and be the diva that you are.

Best handmade artificial jewellery online in India

Add some bling to your look with the best handmade artificial jewellery collection available online in India. Precious metal jewellery mostly come in limited designs and accessibility. They are indeed on the expensive side as well. Artificial jewellery can be selected and bought to suit your each attire respectively and are quite affordable. Clinkwagon brings you beautiful assorted handmade fashion jewellery collection to match any look.

Handmade floral earrings and their daily swag

Exude simplicity and elegance at every occasion with the handmade floral earrings from Clinkwagon. For gatherings, outings, and celebrations, this one is your perfect go-to. Pair it up with a handmade jute bag, an ethnic saree, and finish off the look by lining your eyes with kajal.

Daily fashion is now available as affordable artificial jewellery on Clinkwagon

Artificial Jewellery on Clinkwagon is not only affordable and handmade but also simple and elegant. Ready to spice up your jewellery wardrobe with some new clinks? Well, enough with the waiting! Log right on to the Clinkwagon website and shop for the handmade fashion jewellery you loved the most.

Evergreen handmade jewellery designs and its allure

Clinkwagon doesn’t believe in mass produced handmade jewellery designs, that’s what makes us unique. We hand-curate every piece, be it elegantly studded minakari earrings or minakari necklace, danglers or multi-layered necklace sets online, all are hand casted by the master craftsmen have the striking sense of skill and precision. Each and every piece of jewellery is handmade keeping you in mind. Because your jewellery introduces you to the world before you speak.

How to take care of your handmade fashion jewellery

  • Identify different kinds of handmade fashion jewellery and store them separately. 

  • Never keep them wrapped in clothes, they may get oxidised and lose its lusture.

  • Store them in individual plastic pouches to keep them beautiful for long.

  • Velvet is a big No when it comes to handmade fashion jewellery. 

  • After using wash them with mild shampoo then dry them before storing safely.

  • Your jewellery lasts based on how you care for them. Take care of your precious little trinkets.

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