Latest jewellery trends in India 2022 - A sneak peek

Clothing fashion trends I do understand, but jewellery trends are really a thing? Some of you might wonder this (most wouldn't). Let me reveal it to you, there is. Every year new jewellery designs are introduced into the market and the popular ones you and the style icons pick become trends. So you are the trendsetter. Some of the jewellery trends were unique and remained in trend for years. Some designs became outright evergreen.

Jewellery latest trends 2022

Gold jewellery trends are not as volatile as the latest fashion jewellery trends. New designs capture the fashion-loving hearts every season whereas some everlasting designs never vacate their throne. This year we have seen some beautiful designs to cherish.

Latest earrings trends in 2022

Traditional and modern fusion has emerged as a winner this season as well. Handmade earrings are also in trend. Jhumkas are staying in place holding the crown. Looking at the pictures of earring trends in 2022 has not been dull.

Latest necklace trends in 2022


Ergonomics and comfort played a vital role in this decade's fashion. Women became more independent and work attire demanded a different fashion in jewellery. This mainly ended up in sleek, simple necklaces that can be worn to offices and institutions without affecting the 'I'm serious about this' look. Whereas ethnic necklaces are rising up with more and more experimentation resulting in beautiful polki chokers, oxidised necklaces, meenakari necklace wonders, and enamel painted necklaces.

Latest designs of jewellery

Embellished chains are in a rage, conquering the minds of the common and elite alike. Latest jewellery designs comprise minakari, kundans, fine jewellery that includes sleek and slim pieces, gold and art jewellery along with handmade jewellery. Silver jewellery continues to be in demand this year as well. Oxidised pure silver jewellery, black metal necklaces, and earrings are still the show stoppers.

Latest earrings designs

Jewellery designs in 2022 have brought smiles into people’s lives after the gloom of covid. Latest earrings designs are celebrated throughout India on special occasions or even while doing chores.

Stud earrings are making a comeback this year with cute butterfly designs, geometric patterns, and evergreen florals.

Latest necklaces designs

Have you ever had a thought, that you are wearing an outdated necklace? What you are wearing is so common and the design lost its freshness?. Well, some of you might have. Every new necklace trend fixes this problem. This year, mixed metal necklaces and enamel necklaces are ready to rule your wardrobe and hearts. Silver necklaces, oxidised metal necklaces, and beaded necklaces sustained their position in boho fashion.

Types of jewellery styles

Now women are investing in a mix of classic minimalism in gold and precious metals, along with edgy maximalism (like boho fashion), unlike what we saw in the earlier decades, where one would stick to a piece of jewellery that was neither trend nor evergreen, just a smart choice or investment.

Minimalistic jewellery style where sleek and simple jewellery pieces are favoured.

Bohemian style leads you to the tribal jewellery world and makes you wear some beautiful tribal metallic pieces.

Traditional Indian style

All things glam! Yeah traditional Indian jewellery is a style that comprises a multitude of designs that hails from Kanyakumari to Kashmir. Polki, kundan, minakari, jadau, south Indian temple jewellery, nakshi jewellery and many more

Western jewellery style

Simple and minimalistic designs to gaudy extensive necklaces, earrings and accessories to complete your western attire..

And many more…

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