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Latest Handbag Trends – Our Best 3 Choices

Let’s say, you wanted to be a trendsetter, what style of handbags would you prefer to own this year?

We have picked the three trends that we thought were making the market for handbags, and wanted to throw in a glimpse or two of each. So, here’s what we thought were this years’ market trendsetters ……

Handmade Bags

Not just for the beach time, hand bags were the everyday bags that were used before slings and pouches came along. are pretty luxurious too. When one thinks of handmade leather bags, or the faux leather ones that now seem to be flooding the markets, they simply represent class, luxury and often stand out for their finesse.

Then, there are the soft and slouchy canvas bags, or the more traditional fabric bags that your grandmoms used, which are so back in trend, especially as the awareness to use and sport eco-frindly products is gripping our societies.

The traditional basket style or the Hobos are usually designed and crafted out of natural fibres that there is definitely a demand for such woven and knitted bags, and with their detailing and their unusual shapes, they speak volumes about the skilled and talented hands that made them.

Big sized tote bags are always in trend, as has been this year too, and we see totes created from a variety of materials, from fabrics to jute to wires and beads.

Bucket-shaped Bags

Bucket-shaped bags have been around for a while. For every mom, a bucket bag is a dream come true, because almost all essentials for kids can be effortlessly stored in a bucket bag without compromising on the style quotient. This year, bucket bags are considered as cool as ever, and so don't forget to add that one special bucket bag to your shopping list & wardrobe.

Multicoloured Bags

All-time favourite handbags for women are researched to be the coloured ones. Patterned and printed bags with a flash of neon and vibrantly bright colours are desired by the youth these days. We see a rising trend for such unisex bags, be it the pink ones, or the green bags, or may be the lavender ones, multicoloured bags seem to create a market for themselves. If you want to be totally in trend, the greens preferred seem to be the dark greens and the pinks seem to be either the pale or the lighter fuchsia shade.

So go for it. Get your multicolored bag with a vibrant hue and stay in trend.


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