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5 Latest Collection of Clutches

Updated: Aug 6, 2022

Clutches are the perfect bags to carry along to a party or an event, when you want to flaunt that fashionable look. Your clutch bag often makes a bold and loud statement about your style and personality.

Generally, clutches are small in size, where you can keep your make-up, keys, and mobiles. They also can be that single accessory that can add some bling to a simple attire.

Women’s clutches and types:

Black Clutches for all Occasions:

A black clutch is a perfect accessory to complete your party look. Whether it is a plain black clutch made of shimmering fabric or sequins or may be embellished adequately with stones and pearls, it is always a safe fashion statement that merges so beautifully with your attire. They can be easily paired with light-coloured outfits, whether it is a traditional saree or with your skirts and trousers…..

Designer White Clutches:

A white clutch bag is every bride’s dream. White symbolizes purity and elegance and even when they are embellished well, white clutches just so complement your everyday looks.

You can use it normally with a dark evening dress or even a simple denim top. The white clutch bag is an easy and a must-have accessory, sleek and trendy as they are, whether they are the hand clutches to be carried along or may be the sling ones with decorative bead or metal chain handles

Mesmerizing Gold Clutches for Women:

Most Indian brides adore a gold clutch. It undoubtedly finds its proper place in the wardrobes of celebrities, as it so emphasizes on its fashion statement, especially when carried along as an accessory on the red carpet. A simple black dress complemented with a gold clutch, completes your perfect party attire.

Not just with the contemporary and modern outfits, but you can also pair it with just about any of your sarees, whether they are the traditional kinds or the everyday drapes.

Boxy Clutches:

The boxy clutches are always bold style statements. They come in many sizes, shapes and are crafted out of many a material and are invariably in bright and bold solid colors. The embellishments on them make them cool and stylish, usually minimalistic, mostly motifs depicting Nature

Fabric Clutches:

A soft fabric clutch bag is always unique. Embroidered and embellished cloth clutches are always a nice keepsake remembrance, especially when they have a classy typical art that they showcase.

They are always a A convenience pouch that can be handy and is used to carry along your cosmetics or your trinkets and the like. They are soft and can simply fit into your everyday office bags.


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