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Why You Should Buy Jute bags?

Updated: Aug 6, 2022

Jute Bags! Jute bags! And more Jute Bags…….So what’s about using jute bags!?

Eco-friendly, Recyclable, and Reusable

Jute plants can produce approximately 10 tons of Oxygen and consume up to 16 tons of Carbon dioxide in only a few months. And more so, the crop gives a good yield without the use of pesticides, so you are not really buying a chemically exposed product more importantly.

Jute enriches the soil it grows in, even after replanting them in the same soil again and again, so it is so soil and soil nutrient sustaining…..

We are so much in a generation, that has to be bidding goodbye to plastic bags. Not only are they a huge concern to the environment, but also more importantly they take so many centuries to go back to the planet…..and may not completely in the real sense. We are soon becoming part of a “Earth-caring” society, where most of our insensitive lifestyle practices need to be abandoned, and going back to our grandmom’s ways of living is probably our only solution to save our planet.

So let us switch and start using FABRIC BAGS…..bags that serve their purpose pretty well and when done with their life span, are totally so biodegradable.

And hence, jute is one of the top fabrics to use for designing and creating our bags

Cost-effective and Durable

Jute is highly affordable and cost-effective Relatively, It requires less land to be cultivated in and gives a better yield. Jute bags are also affordable, plainly subtle and elegant, while also being very trendy and durable.

Small steps in our living ways and lifestyle choices, will bring about remarkable changes to support and save our planet.

So let us act now to bring about cumulative changes, to be a little bit more sensitive to the cries of Nature and help Earth, save and rejuvenate herself!

Sturdy and Versatile

Jute fibers are strong, making the resulting bags strong and sturdy, and not give way to wear and tear. With your jute bag, stains are not at all a concern, as you can wash them by hand or even toss them in for a machine wash…..

Use it for your groceries, as a school bag, or as a beach bag, or may be your everyday purse or wallet. They come in a variety of sizes and colours, and one can do a lot with the raw jute hemp or the woven jute fabric, to design and accommodate every fashion desire and wish of your heart…..

Fashionable yet Comfortable

This crude-looking bag can still be used as a fashionable accessory to complement almost any outfit. Jute bags are usually feather light, easy to carry, and long lasting. And best is, They are safe as they are made out of natural fibers from the stem of a jute plant.

So let us go The Jute Way, in our bag preferences and be a more “Earth caring and loving” society.

Ready to buy some Jute bags?

Check out some beautiful eco-friendly jute bags at Clinkwagon here.


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