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Top 9 online stores to buy handmade products in India

Updated: Jul 19, 2022

Why handmade?
When you have the market flooded with machine-made low-cost products, why would you prefer handmade?

Handmade is something natural to humans. When something is made with hands, the energy, emotions, effort, and creativity transform the product into something irreplaceable.

Buying handmade products is a statement that states, you live with a conscience. Let’s hop on to see the top 9 online stores to buy handmade products in India.

1. Coppre

Studio Coppre is a Pune-based small social initiative focused on preserving and promoting copper handicrafts. Coppre supports artisans with better economic returns and a recognition of their talents and skills through being a medium of sales. The artistry that emanates from the heritage of copper handicrafts is made alive through the store. They keep the copper handmade products alive. To buy copper handmade products online in India check out Coppre.

Buy from Coppre here.

2. The India Craft House

Based on Gurgaon, the initiative aims to empower handicrafts of India. Thousands of years old crafts have been explored through rare artisans and the products are made available on their website. They have a wide range of product categories that will blow every handmade geek's mind. Starting from apparels, accessories, handmade fashion jewellery, bags, home decor, they have a world of authentic handmade products that pushes India craft house a digital topper in online store for handmade products in India.

Buy from The India Craft House here.

3. Gaatha

Gaatha - a tale of craft! is a promising online platform where artisans can get worldwide exposure. They dot on handicrafts and handlooms. Their products range from decor to handlooms in a unique fashion. Gaatha is strongly growing and making a mark in the field of digital handicraft world.

Buy from Gaatha here.

4. iTokri

iTokri is an online store for handmade products. It is completely based on handmade products like sarees, tunics, and more. iTokri curates the products of a seller from the village, small towns, and small businesses. ITokri promotes handloom products from rural areas of India and give the artisans the digital exposure they deserve. They are one of the major online stores providing handmade products to the world.

Buy from iTokri here.

5. Kashmir Box

From the land of Kashmir, comes the ‘Kashmir box’ with the treasure of traditional Kashmir heritage. The handmade products displayed online on this website are solely sourced from Kashmir. The space has become the marketplace for local artisans, craftsmen, producers, and entrepreneurs who showcase their handmade products to the world.

Buy from Kashmir Box here.

6. Clinkwagon

Clinkwagon curates a wide variety of handmade products online like handmade fashion jewellery, handmade sling bags online, cotton cushion covers, printed t-shirts, handloom stoles and wall accents online. Clinkwagon takes the products from local artisans, designers and helps them to promote their brand and endorse Indian ethnic and traditional lifestyle and culture.

Buy from Clinkwagon here.

7. Handecor

Two mustaches is a brand that manufactures beautiful metallic handicrafts with good vibes. The brass idols and crafts are premium and elegant. Handecor is an initiative from two mustaches to go online and provide the metallic handmade products directly from their workshops online to people.

Buy from Handecor here.

8. EcoKaari

Ecokaari represents the relationship between the artist and the environment. They believe in upcycling, material optimisation, and waste minimisation and thus creating upcycled - handwoven products. They have bags, office supplies, corporate gifts, travel supplies, and home decor. Unique and cool handmade products online with a distinct taste .

Buy from Ecokaari here.

9. Unfactory

As the name depicts, it's not a factory, Unfactory is more of an online meeting place of handmade enthusiasts and master craftsmen around the globe. They have a range of handmade essentials listed on the website like accessories, decor, wall art and more.

Buy from Unfactory here.



Handmade products are always considered superior in quality. By owning a handmade product you feed the creativity of an artisan. These were the top 9 online stores that supply cool handmade products in India. Keep shopping handmade.



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