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A Glimpse At South Indian Sarees

The South Indian sarees are a heritage and tradition that is so closely intertwined with the history of the land and region. They feature glorious patterns and motifs, which most often showcase the social life and events, that are woven into the borders and look so vivid and colourful.

Weavers focus on impressing people with their unique designs that aren't available in other sarees. Each saree has its own special and classic set of patterns and designs. The colours may be the same, but the designs are so distinctly unique.

Traditional South Indian Sarees and Types

White South Indian Sarees with Rich Golden Zari Borders:

It looks like a pretty simple and plain saree but the art of weaving gold or silver thread into their borders, and in their pallus is what gives every single saree, its touch of sheer elegance.

South Indian Handloom Silk Saree

The south Indian handloom silk saree is made from some of the most traditional and modern designs in the world today.

It is almost as if a story is hidden into each saree, whether this is unfurled through the motifs that are weaved all throughout the length of the saree in its border or the stark and complementing theme that is showcased in its rich pallu right at the very end.

South Indian Bridal Saree:

These are probably one of the best sarees for brides of today. The kanjivaram sarees, uppada sarees, kerala kasavu, mangalagiri sarees, or the kuppadam sarees are some of the widely preferred choices.

Nothing can make you look more beautiful than wearing a gorgeous South Indian bridal saree on your wedding day. The sarees often have a beautiful sheen of pure silk that go to accentuate your look. There are typical variety of sarees in South India, which are known to be exclusively for bridal wear and hence wearing one such on your wedding day, is not only in keeping with the rich tradition of the land but also speaks volumes of the culture and heritage passed down through generations.


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