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Latest Blue Saree Trends and Collections

Quite possibly one of the most adored colours on the planet is Blue. Simply envision gazing up at the serene blue sky every morning! Doesn’t it give you all the peace? May be, It sure does!

Blue is a lovely colour associated with calmness, peace, self-confidence, and

imagination. Its no wonder the market is flooded with a lot of blue sarees. They were originally dyed indigo before the advent of modern techniques, and even today a lot of dyeing techniques use only natural and vegetable dyes. There are many shades of blue, from the darkest navy blue to the brightest powder blue.

We know you can’t wait to buy a blue saree. Check out some of these blue sarees.

Importance Of Blue Sarees and Significance Of The Colour:

Blue represents vastness. It also has to do with independence, openness, and freedom. This is probably the reason why Indian women always enjoy the blue saree. The oldest known blue saree was found in India, where indigo dyes have been used for over 5,000 years.

The invention of new dyes changed the game of the textile industry and paved the way for modern technology. Today there are more than 20 shades of blue in the market that can be recognized by the human eye. There is never enough, until you fill your wardrobe with all the different shades of blue!.

Features Of Blue Sarees:

Blue is a pleasant colour, so blue sarees are very popular with Indian women. The style factors of these sarees are:

  • As a casual wear, a sky blue and pastel blue saree can give you an elegant look. They are very calming colors.

  • Dark blue goes well with any skin tone and can brighten your look.

  • The royal blue colour brings out the best in everyone.

  • Blue sarees also come in ombre variants that blend seamlessly into a stunning saree.

Suitable Fabrics For Blue Sarees:

The best thing about the blue colour is that it quite distinctly blends in with almost any fabric, also because it is a stark, bright shade and normally stands out. These sarees are available from rich silk Kanchipuram sarees to flowing chiffons.

Depending on your event and the favourite look that you’d like to sport, you can choose the one that suits you best from pastel and dull shades of chiffons and crepes, to more deep and impactful shades of silk saris. For most important occasions such as weddings, silk, cotton silks, Chanderi and Banaras fabrics are normally the top preferred choices …..

Latest of Blue Sarees With Pictures:

Here are the top 5 mind-blowing blue saree collections and their images.

Pink and blue Gadwal silk saree:

  • Design: Kalamkari Design

  • Material: Gadwal Silk

  • Preferred Occasion: Special Occasions

Blue-Grey Cotton-Linen Saree:

  • Design: Blue and Grey block prints

  • Material: Soft Cotton

  • Preferred Occasion: Casual

Light Steel Blue khadi Saree:

  • Design: Blue and Pink saree with floral design

  • Material: Khadi Art Silk

  • Preferred Occasion: Events

Dark Blue Art Silk Saree:

  • Design: Dark Blue Saree with Silver Border

  • Material: Art silk

  • Preferred Occasion: Party Wear

Blue Linen Saree:

  • Design: Blue Linen Saree With Digital Floral Prints

  • Material: Linen

  • Preferred Occasion: Casual



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